Whole Wheat Fusilli with Mushrooms, Thyme and more

Our Whole Wheat Fusilli has a naturally delicious & nutty aroma. This recipe pairs the pasta with sautéed mushrooms, thyme and Parmesan, creating a wonderfully flavorful and aromatic dish.

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Cooking Pasta

Here are a few suggestions on cooking pasta. This is more of a guideline that we use in cooking the pasta, not a steadfast set of rules. If we are making a baked dish, we'll cook it less. If it's for a chilled dish, we might cook it a touch more. The water the pasta is cooked in makes an excellent emulsifier and adds some richness to the sauce, save a little and use it if needed. You'll need: A pot large enough the hold 1 gallon of water with some room to spare 1 gallon of water 2 Tbsp...

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