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A flavorful and delicious way to enhance dinner. Pair with Pan-roasted mushrooms with butter, scallions and lots of freshly grated Parmesan, or toss it with butter and olive oil for a simple dinner.

Campanelle, meaning "bells" is sometimes known as Giglio Ondulato or "wavy lilies"  with it's trumpet-shape and fluted edges.

This pasta is made with durum wheat semolina, wild mushroom (porcini, shiitake, woodear) and herbs (rosemary, thyme).


Pack size: 6/10 ounce packages.


Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina, wild mushroom (porcini, shiitake, woodear) and herbs (rosemary, thyme).

Contains: Wheat.


Our featured seasonal specialties are crafted in limited-batches, sometimes only once a year! The specific pasta selection changes with the season, the month, or as inspiration strikes.

As Chef Chris begins to imagine a fancy pasta creation, his eyes close while his mind begins to wander between texture, taste & flavor. Taste memories begin to swirl as his mind wanders through the tastes and textures; imagining combinations of flavors, texture and feel of the pasta and sauce.

When the thought forms clearly, Chef Chris sources the premium ingredients needed  to bring the flavors together and crafts a delicious & unique artisan specialty.


Below, you will find some of the pastas we have created and will be featured again! Stay tuned and make sure you check out the page from time to time to see what we have available.


We use a Dutch processed dark cocoa powder to develop a stunning dark visual with a delicate chocolaty aroma. When paired with Parmesan, pancetta, and mushrooms, the unsweet, slightly bitter chocolate undertones create a delightfully balanced dish.

Originally made at the request of a local restaurant several years ago for a special event dinner, and we've been making it yearly ever since!

Try this pasta with pancetta, mushrooms and parmesan. Our Cacio e Pepe recipe also pairs well with the flavors of dark chocolate. 

This pasta is made with durum wheat semolina and dutch process cocoa powder.


Our durum wheat comes from a farm in Garfield County, Oklahoma and is stone milled locally in Enid, Oklahoma. The flavor is deep, nutty and delicious.

Pair this pasta with brown butter, mushrooms, bacon and parmesan for something truly tasty.

The beautiful ruffled edges of campanelle pair well with the full flavor of the wheat.

This pasta is made with locally grown organic whole grain durum wheat.


A little spicy with the classic garlicky aroma, these orange toned pasta have a life of their own! A true blending of technique and flavor, this pasta is sure to be a favorite!

Creste di Gallo is a shape that is inspired by the crest of a rooster and is curved, hollow and has one distinct ruffled ridge (the cocks comb).

This pasta is made with durum wheat semolina and sriracha.


This twisty pasta is made with 100% Einkorn wheat, which has a delicate texture and pleasant savoury flavour. Einkorn is arguably the worlds oldest cultivated grain, dating back to 7500 BC. Einkorn is a very limited speciality crop.

Try this pasta with butter or olive oil-based sauces. With the unique flavour and texture sauces as simple as aged butter, pecorino and black pepper are delightful. Sometimes simplicity is best!

Strozzapreti is an elongated form of Cavatelli that was originally rolled by hand

Made with organic whole grain einkorn flour.


A curvy and wavy pasta, the best shape for saucy sauces! Made with 100% Khorasan wheat flour, which is an ancient grain that is known for its nutty, buttery flavor. Khorasan is thought to be a 4500 year old grain that originated in Mesopotamia and is a rich source of protein and numerous essential nutrients.

Pair with any sauce from "mac n cheese" to olive oil and pepper flake, or any other light to medium style sauce.

Made with organic whole grain Khorasan flour.


Crafted with vibrant tomato and lightly smoked Aleppo pepper, giving any dish a stunning visual and delicate flavor. Summer is a fantastic time of year for tomatoes and herbs.

Pair this pasta with fresh cherry tomatoes, torn flat leaf herbs, warm butter a drizzle of olive oil and smoked sea salt.

The Tomato & Aleppo Fusilli is shaped like a double helix spiral and can be referred to as "little spindles".

This pasta was made with durum wheat semolina, tomato powder and Aleppo pepper.


Caserecce al nero di seppia is made with cuttlefish ink that was harvested in the Mediterranean. This charcoal colored pasta has a mild flavor reminiscent of a gentle coastal breeze.

Pair this pasta with toasted garlic, red onion, anchovy, crushed pepper flake, tomato, capers and olives. Or, a sauce as simple as butter, capers, lemon and chives.

This pasta is made with durum wheat semolina and cuttlefish ink.