Fancy Mac & Cheese

Fancy Mac & Cheese


As a kid, "mac n cheese" was a pretty common meal. Those tiny thin elbow noodles that were translucent and hyper-yellow almost orange color powder, all stirred together with cheese clumps stuck to the side of the pot and spoon. The deepest sense of satisfaction at having made myself a meal as I shoveled heaping spoonfuls into my mouth.

The only thing that made this better (I mean- was that really possible??) was sizzled hot dogs that were slightly over crisped in a pan, chopped into bite-size pieces.

I'll admit, that I think of that meal fondly, but also have no real interest in snagging those boxes off the shelf. So what to do?

After chatting with spice purveyors, and thinking about flavors and texture I began to try out a variety of cheeses and spices, and tinkering with blending these ingredients and pairing them with different pasta shapes. I discovered that mac n cheese could totally be as simple to make as a kid, and get 10/10 comments from my kid and her friends and satisfy a sense of nostalgia.

Oh, and I realized as an adult that I never actually read the "instructions" I just added whatever amount of butter, milk and the cheese packet -directly- into the pot AT THE SAME TIME! LOL. Apparently, even as a chef, that's still how I do it at home.

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