Della Terra Pasta Workshops

December 14, 2018

Della Terra Pasta Workshops

(At this point in time, our workshops have been temporarily suspended until further notice due to the pandemic. We miss our clients and students! We want to run the workshops again, however, we must make sure that it is safe to do so.)

There is no better way to enhance your pasta making skills and taste what you prepare than Della Terra Pasta Workshops and Couples Cooking Classes. Get a hands on experience that will be both educational and entertaining. Pasta "fatta a mano" or hand made pasta, is an awesome ability to know.

Our workshops offer an array of pasta favorites such as Potato Gnocchi - loved by people around the world, Ricotta Cavatelli - a unique take on classic pasta, Orrechiette - a traditional pasta from Southern Italy, and more. We offer custom workshops that are for up to six guests, and offer more flexibility with scheduling and the pasta selection. Our workshops take place in an intimate setting, providing an interactive social experience.

how to make pasta - della terra workshop

These are some of the experiences you can walk away with: the opportunity to learn about hand-crafted pasta, interesting historical facts, unique tips and tricks, and a story or two from Chef Chris Becker himself.

An example of a class, Potato Gnocchi, which is a great pasta eaten all over Italy. The gnocchi we will make at this workshop is a dumpling-style pasta. This shape is fun to make in light of the fact that both the dough and pasta are made by hand with the guide of a pasta knife and fork.

Ingredients of Pasta - Potato Dumplings

Parking, beverages, and a hearty Italian assortment of snacks are provided. (assortments are subject due to change for each event)

Come and work with Chef Chris Becker! You can find out more about our classes and class schedule by following us on Facebook or contact us.

Check out what couple of our past workshop guests have said!

"Great hospitality, a blend of artisan craftsmanship and in depth information and a story or two. Chef Chris makes you feel comfortable and the intimate setting is awesome! Well done, a great date night or family night" -Skip A

 "Chef Chris Becker was so much fun. His hospitality and instruction were excellent. His passion for his pasta shines through in his teachings. We handmade the pasta, Chef prepared a meal using it as we enjoyed great conversation with him and the other participants. Highly recommend if you enjoy cooking." - Angela D



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Cheryl Gravel
Cheryl Gravel

September 07, 2020

We had the opportunity to have meal prepared for us in an intimate setting by Chef Chris of Della Terra Pasta. Five superb courses with wine. Every course was delicious. The finest pasta I’ve ever had. He has these dinners and classes regularly. If you haven’t tried this you are definitely missing out! Thanks so much Chef Chris for the beautiful dinner and hospitality!

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